Other ways to help.

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 If you see litter, report it online on the City Of Edinburgh Council’s page. So far we’ve had good experience. Most of the litter was gone in a day. If the council fails to take action, tell us about it. If possible take photos and send them to us with the exact location. Another alternative way to report a mess is Fix My Street.
Report litter.
You can report litter on the city council's website here. 
Report overflowing bins.
You can report overflowing communal bins on the city council's website here.
Report fly tipping. 
If you see large items (e.g. old furniture) dumped on the pavement you can report it here.
Report dog fouling.
You can report dog fouling on the city council's website here
Pin up our poster. 
You can download our anti-litter poster here
If you run a takeaway shop.
  Think about using biodegradable takeaway trays. Display our posters in your window.
Clean up the street outside your premises.  
If you're a parent. 
  Tell your kids, why it’s wrong to drop litter.
Go and pick up litter together.
Tell other parents and teachers about our page.
If you're still at school. 
  Always put your litter in a bin.
Show your friends a good example by picking up any litter you see and putting it in the nearest bin.
If you're a dog owner.
  When you walk your dog always bring a bag with you. Ask fellow dog owners to do the same and don’t let anybody walk away if their dog made a mess on the pavement or in the park.